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As COVID-19 is impacting our cities we have been thinking about ways to use your urban renewal resources in your community.

Some potential courses of action you might want to consider:

  • Move up the timing on capital projects to provide jobs in the wake of the potential small business failure.
  • Provide additional resources to small businesses in your budget for next year in in an effort to avoid their failure over the next year. Remember your  urban renewal/tax increment (UR/TIF) funds are restricted to capital expenditures, so make sure not to violate those restrictions. You might need to process an amendment to your urban renewal/ tax increment financing (UR/TIF) Plan to add the project and the project would have to be in the UR/TIF Area.
  • Use TIF funds to complete projects that would otherwise be done by the city’s unrestricted funds so you could use those unrestricted funds for business/community assistance. You might need to process an amendment to your urban renewal (UR)/TIF Plan to add the project and the project would have to be in the UR/TIF Area.
  • The use of program income has always been a question raised by UR agencies. If you are planning to use program income, make sure to check with your attorney about restrictions.
  • Under-levy your urban renewal resources to shift funds from the urban renewal budget to the city budget to avoid ORS 457 restrictions on spending and to supply additional resources to other taxing districts. We have thought through some of the issues and ramifications of an under-levy and have summarized them for your consideration. See this memorandum for issues andconsiderations on the under-levy. 2020 UR agency memo _underlevy

We have over 30 years of experience in urban renewal, development, and public and private sector endeavors. Our vast experience allows us to discern critical issues in communities, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and help communities develop plans to implement their visions.

Our firm works with cities throughout Oregon to promote development using urban renewal as a tool.Our firm is committed to tailoring individual urban renewal plans to fit the diverse needs of her clients. These urban renewal plans focus on:

  • creating vibrant downtowns, providing a district identity and a sense of community for smaller cities
  • creating successful neighborhood centers and thriving commercial nodes in larger cities
  • integrating residential to support commercial and cultural areas
  • developing businesses which will provide employment opportunities
  • providing incentives to developers for development of new buildings and the redevelopment of existing structures
  • improving infrastructure in areas which have prime development opportunities 

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