Distinguishing Qualities of Elaine Howard Consulting, LLC

Elaine Howard Consulting, LLC offers a wide range of services to localities in Oregon which are starting urban renewal and also to localities which already have existing urban renewal plans. The qualities for which our firm is recognized are:

  • Excellent communication skills with all stakeholders
  • The ability to quickly discern a client's needs and be responsive to those needs
  • The reliability to deliver products on time, and the ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Excellent problem solving and consensus building skills
  • Building on the assets of a community
  • Bringing a positive approach to all projects
  • The ability to produce clearly written documents which effectively communicate complex issues
  • Presenting the complexities of urban renewal to varied audiences

We have made presentations to:

Council of Development Finance Associations National Meeting 2011

Oregon Main Street 2011

Oregon Economic Development Association Spring Meeting 2012

Oregon League of Cities Annual Meeting 2012

Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Association Spring Meeting 2013

OLLI seminars on urban renewal 2013 (2 day long seminars)

OCCMA Oregon City and County Managers Association 2015

Oregon League of Cities, September 2015

Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies, Spring 2016

Oregon City Business Alliance Fall 2016

OEDA Urban Renewal Breakout session 2017

Oregon Government Finance Officers Association spring conference 2018

We have also presented "Urban Renewal 101" to many cities and organizations.