The Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies offers background material on urban renewal: The website has a video on urban renewal in Oregon and informative Fact Sheets on a number of great urban renewal projects in Oregon.

The power point on Maximum Indebtedness presented by Gulgan Mersereau of Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP at the April 2013 AORA meeting can be accessed at this link: MI presentation

The sample spreadsheet for MI tracking presented by Elaine Howard at the April 2013 AORA meeting is found at these links:

The MI spreadsheet is a sample of how you might approach MI tracking. Be sure to check all formulas if you decide to use this format.

Look for the new AORA Best Practices Manual on the AORA website. The AORA Urban Renewal History in Oregon update may be found at this link. Both documents were co-authored by our firm.

The power point on urban renewal presented at the 2012 Oregon Economic Development Association meeting is found at this link. Please do not reproduce or reuse anything in this powerpoint without my permission. You will find some of the slides need explanation. Our firm presents an urban renewal 101 either in a generic form or individualized for specific cities. It is very effective in both getting new urban renewal agency members up to speed on how urban renewal works and informing them of what other communties are doing with urban renewal. It is also informative for cities trying to decide whether urban renewal might work in their community.

The Oregon Main Street Program can be found at

An article explaining compression can be found at this link.

An Urban Renewal 101 fact sheet can be found at this link.

A description of why urban renewal is on your tax bill can be found at this link. This description was prepared for the City of Gold Beach for a new urban renewal plan.

Our firm works with ECONorthwest: and Nick Popenuk at Tiberius Solutions, LLC